Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Washboard Rhythm Kings Vol. 5

01.Kazoo Moan - Washboard Serenaders
02.Washboards Get Together - Washboard Serenaders
03.Teddy's Blues - Washboard Serenaders
04.Tappin' the Time Away - Washboard Serenaders
05.The Sheik of Araby - Washboard Serenaders
06.Dear Old Southland - Washboard Serenaders
07.St. Louis Blues - Washboard Serenaders
08.Black Eyes - Washboard Serenaders
09.Lonesome Road - Washboard Serenaders
10.Nagasaki - Washboard Serenaders
11.Dinah - Washboard Serenaders
12.Yeah Man! - Scorpion Washboard Band
13.Miss Linda Brown, Pt. 1 - The Tramp Band
14.Miss Linda Brown, Pt. 2 - The Tramp Band
15.Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone - Washboard Rhythm Kings
16.One More Time - Washboard Rhythm Kings
17.Walkin' My Baby Back Home - Washboard Rhythm Kings
18.A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid - Washboard Rhythm Kings
19.Every Man for Himself - Washboard Rhythm Kings
20.Please Tell Me - Washboard Rhythm Kings
21.You Rascal You - Washboard Rhythm Kings
22.Call of the Freaks - Washboard Rhythm Kings
23.Wake 'Em Up - Washboard Rhythm Kings

Without doubt, the most under-rated jazz band of all time. There was this rather decent (if somewhat poorly designed) collection, a compilation (on the Best of Jazz label) and an entry on that massive 168 cd jazz boxset. And with the exception on the latter, it's all out of print!! So heres Vol. 5. (I'm working backwards so I could post the Vol. with the Washboard Serenaders first). There seems to be very little known about the band, considering it was so prolific. Their personel line up generally contains an awful lot of 'maybes'! I know for sure that the majority of the many varied name changes the band went under were merely studio bands only. But, the Washboard Serenaders are well documented to have been a touring band. It's hard to imagine what British audiences in particular made of this lot in the early 30's as they rampaged their way through an old jazz standard!

Theres some right belting footage that some kindly soul has added to Youtube of the serenaders in action. It boggles your mind that they were even more wild live than on record!! Heres the links..

Washboard Serenaders on Youtube
Washboard Serenaders on Youtube 2

And, here's the link for the cd

Clickety Click!

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