Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Lew Stone and his Band - 10-30 Tuesday Night (Featuring Al Bowlly & Nat Gonella)

01.Oh! Susannah/Goodbye Blues/That's Plenty
02.I'll Never Be The Same (v.Bowlly)
03.Isle Of Capri (v.Gonella)
04.Eadie Was A Lady (v.Bowlly)
05.Lazybones (v.Joe Crossman)
06.White Jazz
08.I Never Had A Chance (v.Bowlly)
09.Miss Otis Regrets
10.Ebony Shadows
11.A Brivella Der Mama (v.Bowlly)
12.Lying In The Hay (v.Bowlly & Gonella)
13.Canadian Capers

Ah, a sweet one from the 'Ace Of Clubs' series, released in 1963. Featuring Al Bowlly's guitar and the unmistakable trumpet of Nat Gonella. The tracks were mainly recorded between 1932 and 1934, apart from Ja-da which is from 1941. (ACL 1147)

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Bert Firman and his Orchestra - Swing High, Swing Low (1926-1937)

01.Jig Walk
02.Oo La
03.Charkeston Charley
06.While The Sahara Sleeps
07.Spanish Shawl
08.Shepard Of The Hills
09.That Certain Feeling
10.Oh! Monah
11.The Stampede
12.Short n' Sweet
13.Does She Love Me Positively, Absolutely
14.I Can't Give You Anything But Love
15.Sax Appeal
16.Medley- (a)She Didn't Say 'Yes' (b)A New Love Is Old
17.Sugar Foot Stomp
18.My Pet
19.Rhapsody In Blue
20.Swing High, Swing Low

Ahh, good old fashioned British charlston music in the mould of the 'Goofus Five' that pre-dates the British Swing movement. There's a couple of tracks missing from the cd. But, what you want fer nuthin?....rubber biscuit???

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Monday, 28 September 2009

Willie Bryant and his Orchestra (1935-1936)

  1. Throwin' Stones At The Sun
  2. It's Over Because We're Through
  3. A Viper's Moon
  4. Chimes At The Meeting
  5. Rigamarole
  6. 'Long About Midnight
  7. The Sheik
  8. Jerry The Junker
  9. The Voice Of Old Man River
  10. Steak And Potatoes
  11. Long Gone (From The Bowlin' Green)
  12. Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)
  13. Is It True What They Say About Dixie?
  14. All My Life
  15. The Right Somebody To Love
  16. The Glory Of Love
  17. Ride, Red, Ride
  18. Moonrise On The Lowlands
  19. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  20. I Like Bananas (Because They Have No Bones)
  21. Cross Patch
  22. I'm Grateful To You

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Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra (1933-1936)

01.What Is Sweeter?
02.I'm No Angel
03.I Want You I Need You
04.Buckin' The Wind
05.I Want You, I Need You
07.I Lost Another Sweetheart
10.Baby, Take a Bow
11.This Is Our Last Night Together
14.I'm Keeping Those Keepsakes
15.Fare Thee Well, Annabelle
16.Don't be Afraid to Tell Your Mother
17.On a Holiday
18.My First Thrill
19.The Swing Waltz
20.Cross Patch
21.Too Good to be True
22.I'm an Old Cowhand
23.But Definitely

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Hawaiian Guitar Hot Shots

01.King Bennie Nawahi - Ticklin' The Strings
02.Sol Hoop'i - In Me-La-Ka-Mo-Ka-Lu
03.Kane's Hawaiians - Hilo
04.Jim & bob - By the Waters of Minnetonka
05.Hauulea Entertainers - 12th Street Rag
06.Pale K. Lua - Kohala March
07.Hauulea Entertainers - Railroad Blues
08.Roy Smeck - My Little Grass Shack
09.King, Queen & Jack - Stack-O-Lee Blues
10.Hanapi Trio - Indiana March
11.Franchini & Dettborn - Palakiko Blues
12.Hauulea Entertainers - Ellis March
13.Master's Hawaiians - Hawaiian Stormy Weather
14.Sol Hoopi'i - Right or Wrong

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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Rags, Breakdowns, Stomps & Blues - Vintage Mandolin Music (1927-1946)

01.State Street Rag - Louie Bluie
02.Hokum Blues - Dallas String Band
03.Lint Head Stomp - Phebal Wright
04.You May Leave, But This Will Bring You Back - Carolina Peanut Boys
05.Easy Winner - The Blue Boys
06.Milk Cow Blues - John Estes
07.Watcha Doin' - John Estes
08.Dallas Rag - Dallas String Band
09.Flop Eared Mule - Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers
10.I Shall Wear A Crown - Arizona Dranes & Choir
11.Jackson Stomp - Mississippi Mud Steppers
12.Brown Mama Blues - Ishman Bracey
13.Two White Horses In A Line - The Two Poor Boys
14.Japanese Breakdown - Scottdale String Band
15.Rising Sun Blues - King David's Jug Band
16.Prater Blues - Johnson Boys
17.You Got Me Rollin' - Carolina Peanut Boys
18.Arkansas Traveller - Nashville Wash Board Band
19.Going Away To Make It Lonesome - Nashville Wash Board Band
20.Hawkins' Rag - Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers
21.The Little Red Caboose Behind The Train - Paul Warmack & His Gully Jumpers
22.Somebody's Been Using That Thing - Al Miller & His Market Street Boys
23.Old Hen Cackle - Arthur McClain & Joe Evans
24.Jug Rag - Blue Ridge Ramblers

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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Felix Mendelssohn's Hawaiian Serenaders - Evergreens Hawaiian Style (1940-1941)

01.The Japanese Sandman
02.Tiger Rag
03.Oh! Lady Be Good
04.Goodbye Blues
05.The Sheik Of Araby
06.In The Mood
07.I Got Rhythm
08.St. Louis Blues
10.Crazy Rhythm
11.Nobody's Sweetheart
14.Mood Indigo
16.Wabash Blues

Felix Mendelssohn was a one time British band leader (he recorded a few tunes with Al Bowlly) in the 30's, who decided what the world needed was a British Sol Hoopii who was a descendant of a famous German composer, and by God, that's what he gave the world!! And good it is too!! This Lp is a collection of the jazz standards the band recorded (as apposed to Hawaiian standards) and all the 'good old good ones' are present!

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Joe Venuti (1927-1934)

02.Apple Blossoms
03.Raggin' The Scale
04.Satan's Holiday
05.A Mug Of Ale
06.Hey! Young Fella (take 1)
07.Wild Cat (take 3)
08.The Wild Dog
09.Sweet Lorraine
10.Kickin' The Cat
11.Jig Saw Puzzle Blues
12.Four string Joe
13.Goin' Places

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The Goofus Five (1925-1926)

01.Yes Sir, That's My baby
02.Honey, I'm In Love With You
03.Are You Sorry?
04.I'm Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston
05.Loud Speaking Papa (You'd Better Speak Easy To Me)
06.Sweet Man
07.(Clap Hands) Here Comes Charlie
08.I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
09.That Certain Party
10.Poor Papa (He's Got Nothing At All)
11.I Wonder What's become Of Joe
12.Ya Gotta Know How To Love
13.Where'd You Get Those Eyes
14.Mary Lou
15.Someone's Losin' Susan
16.Cray Quilt
17.Sadie Green (The Vamp of New Orleans)
18.Heebie Jeebies

The first passage of the sleeve notes on the back of this Lp reads 'Adrian Rollini both guaranteed himself immortality and set up his own ultimate undoing the first time he ever touched a bass saxophone - all by becoming the only major jazz soloist on an instrument with built in obsolescence.' That kinda sums the whole thing up. not that it's anything other than brilliant!! The Goofus Five were just a band that became dated by the late twenties as the string bass moved into prevalence as the main rhythm machine, and if your band is itself named after the instrument (goofus was/is slang for bass sax)..what are you gonna do?? anyway..enjoy (and I apologise for the rubbish Lp photo..best I could do!!)

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The Nat Gonella Story (1961)

01.Georgia On My Mind - Wild Man Blues
02.Bessie Couldn't Help It
03.Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable To Lunch Today)
04.Them There Eyes
05.Oh Mo'nah
07.Honeysuckle Rose
08.Just A kid Named Joe
09.Ain't Misbehavin'
10.Stompin' At The Savoy
11.It's A Pair Of Wings For Me
12.Don't Get Around Much Any More
13.Five Minutes More

Here's an obscure Nat Gonella release from 1961. It's about 20 years later than the scope of this blog. But, it's Nat Gonella, end of!! This is an easy going kind of affair, in which Nat introduces each number with a little nostalgic pre-amble (well, it's more like barely audible muttering, but it's still pleasant enough). The sleeve notes (by the man himself) mention that he was featured in an episode of 'This Is Your Life'!! I'm guessing this was aired many a moon ago. If any vague passer by to this blog happens to know where I could get myself a copy of this, I'd be much obliged! Anyway, Stick this in your music spewer and let Mr. Gonella tell you his own story in his own words.

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Monday, 21 September 2009

Washboard Rhythm Kings Vol. 3 (1932-1933)

01.Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia - The Rhythm Kings
02.It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) - The Rhythm Kings
03.(I Would Do) Anything for You - The Rhythm Kings
04.Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn - The Rhythm Kings
05.Spider Crawl - The Rhythm Kings
06.The Scat Song - The Rhythm Kings
07.Oh! You Sweet Thing - The Rhythm Kings
08.Something's Gotta Be Done - The Rhythm Kings
09.Yes Suh! - The Rhythm Kings
10.Angeline - The Rhythm Kings
11.Old Yazoo - The Rhythm Kings
12.Gotta Be, Gotta Be Mine - The Rhythm Kings
13.Wah-Dee-Dah - The Rhythm Kings
14.Blue Drag - The Rhythm Kings
15.Syncopate Your Sins Away - The Rhythm Kings
16.I'm Getting Sentimental over You - The Rhythm Kings
17.St. Louis Blues - Washboard Rhythm Boys
18.Lazy Bones - Washboard Rhythm Boys
19.Some Of Theses Days - Washboard Rhythm Boys
20.Learn To Croon - Washboard Rhythm Boys
21.Dog And Cat - Washboard Rhythm Boys
22.I Cover The Water Front - Washboard Rhythm Boys
23.Old Man Blues - Washboard Rhythm Boys
24.Mississippi Basin - Washboard Rhythm Boys

Another 3 confusing (possibly this guy, maybe that fella!) line-ups from those Washboard Rhythm Kings. None of which were released it seems under the W.R.K. banner!! The first 6 tracks are from a session from October 1932 and another from December 1932 from the 'Rhythm Boys' (7 through 16). Tracks 18 to 24 were recorded in August 1934 under the title Washboard Rhythm Boys. The bass player on all three sessions was George 'ghost' Howell, which seems ironic, seeing as he's about the only soul on the cd that's a known for sure to have actually been there! Regardless of who may or may have not been present, what is for definite is that the tracks recorded were incredible. The versions of 'St. Louis Blues' and 'Some Of These Days' sound almost incendiary, and the old western swing standard 'Yes Suh!' has some absolutely relentless washboard playing. Also, check out 'Blue Drag' as a fine example of the W.R.K. dropping down a gear and knocking out some right smooth melancholic jazz mastery!

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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Ikey 'Banjo' Robinson 1929-1937

01.Got Butter On It Ready Hokum
02.Pizen Tea Blues
03.Rock Pile Blues
04.You've Had Your Way
05.Without A Dime
06.I'm Havin' My Fun (Take 1) - Hokum Trio
07.I'm Havin' My Fun (Take 3) - Hokum Trio
08.You've Had Your Way - Hokum Trio
09.He Wouldn't Stop Doing It (Take 1) - Hokum Trio
10.He Wouldn't Stop Doing It (Take 2) - Hokum Trio
11.You're Bound To Look Like A Monkey When You Get Old - Hokum Trio
12.You've Had Your Way - The Pods Of Pepper
14.13.Get Off Stuff - The Pods Of Pepper
15.Gee I Hate To Loose That Girl - The Pods Of Pepper
16.I Was A Good Loser Until I Lost You - The Pods Of Pepper
19.A Minor Stomp
20.Swing It
21.Say Pretty Mama - Sloke & Ike
22.Slocum Blues - Sloke & Ike
23.Raggedy But Right - Sloke & Ike
24.Chocolate Candy Blues - Sloke & Ike

There's a wide range of styles on this cd. From straight hot jazz to absolutely screaming mad kazoo tunes!! There's three versions of 'you've Had Your Way' on here, each completely different from one another, other than the remarkable lead tenor banjo of Banjo Robinson.

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Early Jazz 1917-1923 (Disc 2)

Disc 2

1. Bugle Blues - Dunn, Johnny Original Jazz Hounds
2. Moanful Blues - Wooding, Sam Orchestra
3. San - O'Hare, H. Super Orchestra Of Chicago
4. Memphis Blues - Virginians
5. Ory's Creole Trombone - Kid Ory Sunshine Orchestra
6. Panama - Friars Society Orchestra
7. Sister Kate - Cotton Pickers
8. Chicago - Georgians
9. Bees Knees - Indiana Syncopators
10. Tiger Rag - Lewis, Ted Jazz Band
11. Think Of Me - Benson Orchestra Of Chicago
12. Four O'Clock Blues - Claire, Ted Snappy Bits Band
13. Frankie and Johnny - Jones, Isham Orchestra
14. Tin Roof Blues - New Orleans Rhythm Kings
15. Farewell Blues - Henderson, F. Dance Players
16. You Tell Her I Stutter - Kaufman, W. Original Pennsylvania Serenaders
17. Lonesome Journey Blues - Morris, Thomas Past Jazz Masters
18. Bugle Call Rag - Short, Albert Tivoli Syncopators
19. There's No Girl Like My Girl - Original Memphis Melody Boys
20. Snake Rag - Oliver, Joe 'King' Creole Jazz Band

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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Early Jazz - 1917-1923 (Disc 1)

Disc 1

1. Livery Stable Blues - ODJB
2. Johnson Jass Blues - Frisco Jass Band
3. Ole Miss Rag - Handy's Orchestra
4. Jazz Dance - Fuller, Earl Jazz Band
5. Darktown Strutters' Ball - Sweatman, Wilbur
6. Ja-Da - Original New Orleans Jazz Band
7. St. Louis Blues - Europe, Jim 369th US Infantry Band
8. Everybody Shimmies Now - Scrap Iron Jazzerinos
9. Barkin' Dog - Gorman's Novelty Syncopators
10. Slow And Easy - Louisiana Five
11. Bluin' The Blues - Lopez & Hamilton's Kings Of Harmony
12. Wang Wang Blues - Whiteman, Paul Orchestra
13. Stop It - Arnold, Billy Jazz Band
14. Soudan - Hickman, Art & The New York London Five
15. Crazy Blues - Samuel, Joseph Jazz Band
16. Some Little Bird - Coon-Sanders Orchestra
17. Don't Tell Your Monkey Man - Brymn, Tim & His Black Devils Orchestra
18. Sheik - California Ramblers
19. Hep - Mitchell's Jazz Kings

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Friday, 18 September 2009

Dance Bands Of The Forties (Disc 3)

Disc 3

1. Can't You Read Between The Lines - Geraldo/Carole Carr
2. Time On My Hands - Nat Gonella & His New Georgians/Stella Moya
3. Someday You'll Want Me To Want You - Joe Loss & His Orchestra/Howard Jones
4. Oh My Achin' Heart - Bob Dale/Oscar Rabin
5. Humpty Dumpty Heart - Harry Roy/Marjorie Kingsley
6. It's Been A Long Long Time - Rita Williams/Carroll Gibbons
7. The Sun Never Sets In My Dreams - Jack Payne & His Band/Betty Carless
8. It's Foolish But It's Fun - Terri Devon/The Organ, The Dance Band And Me
9. Red Roses For A Blue Lady - Frank Holmes/Paul Adam
10. Sooner Or Later - Doreen Lundy
11. Gotta Be This Or That - Joe Loss & His Orchestra
12. There I've Said It Again - Geraldo & His Orchestra/Len Chamber
13. Oasis - Harry Roy
14. Saturday Night - Carroll Gibbons & Savoy Hotel Orpheans
15. How Lucky You Are - Lou Preager & His Orchestra/Rita Williams
16. Lonesome Lane - Oscar Rabin & Band/Bob Dale
17. Daddy - Harry Roy & His Band/Marjorie Kingsley
18. Sentimental Interlude - Nat Gonella & His New Georgians
19. Shoemaker's Serenade - Lou Preager & His Orchestra/Paul Rich
20. The Echo of a Serenade - The Organ, The Dance Band And Me/Bob Dale
21. Bow Bells - Lou Preager & His Orchestra/Paul Rich

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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies - Daddy Of Western Swing (Disc 2)

Disc 2 - Brownies Special

1. St. Louis Blues
2. Brownie Special
3. Copenhagen [Instrumental]
4. Chinatown My Chinatown
5. Wabash Blues
6. Some of These Days
7. Who's Sorry Now
8. Just a Dream
9. Cheesy Breeze [Instrumental]
10. Beautiful Texas
11. House at the End of the Lane
12. In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
13. Shine on Harvest Moon
14. Love in Bloom
15. My Mary
16. You're Tired of Me
17. Wheezie Anna
18. One of Us Was Wrong - Milton Brown & His Brownies
19. You Rascal You
20. Sweet Georgia Brown
21. You're Bound to Look Like a Monkey
22. Dark Town Strutters Ball
23. Taking Off [Instrumental]
24. Black and White Rag [Instrumental]
25. Crafton Blues [Instrumental]
26. Little Betty Brown

Along with Milton Brown, there are bands like 'Roy Newman and his Boys' & 'Jimmie Revard and his Oaklahoma Playboys' that are shuffled into the catogory of western swing, but are much more inclined towards hot jazz than country fiddle music (although they all would have a reel or breakdown or two in their repertoire). The majority of the tracks that make up this volume are all 'good ole, good ones', from 'Some Of These Days' to 'Chinatown' and 'Darktown Strutters Ball'. Each performed in the way that only the Brownies could lay 'em down!

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Dance Bands Of The Forties - Disc 2

1. That Lovely Weekend - Geraldo & His Orchestra/Dorothy Carless
2. What's the Good Word, Mr Bluebird - Harry Roy
3. You Can't Be True Dear - Oscar Rabin/Bob Dale
4. A Tree in the Meadow - Ivy Benson & Her Girl Band/Rita Williams
5. Portrait of Jennie - Paul Adam & His Mayfair Music/Frank Holmes
6. Tears in Champagne - The Organ, The Dance Band And Me/Don Adams
7. If I Had My Way - Carroll Gibbons/Leslie Douglas
8. I'll Close My Eyes - Skyrockets Dance Orchestra
9. You Came Along - Archie Lewis with The Geraldo Strings
10. Ole Butter Milk Sky - Joe Loss
11. Put Your Shoes On Lucy - Paul Adam/Bette Roberts
12. Carnival Time - Lou Preager
13. Let's Be Buddies - The Organ, The Dance Band And Me
14. Last Night I Had A Dream Again - Carroll Gibbons/Rita Williams
15. We'll Gather Lilacs - Jack Payne & His Band/Jane Lee
16. Skylark - Geraldo/Beryl Davis
17. Let Him Go Let Him Tarry - Elizabeth Batey/Joe Loss & His Orchestra
18. My Girl's An Irish Girl - Oscar Rabin/Bob Dale
19. I'm In Love With Two Sweethearts - Teddy Foster & His Band/Eunice Metcalf
20. Looking For The Starlight - Carroll Gibbons/Roy Dexter
21. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens - Paul Adam & His Mayfair Music

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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Dance Bands Of The Forties - Disc 1

Disc 1

1. I'm in the Mood For Love - Ivy Benson & Her Band
2. Our Love Affair - Geraldo & His Orchestra
3. There Must Be a Way - Betty Kent with Teddy Foster & His Band
4. Stage Coach - Eric Winstone & His Band
5. Juanita - Nat Gonella & His New Georgians
6. Madelaine - Harry Roy & His Band/Marjorie Kingsley
7. No Orchids For My Lady - Joe Loss
8. Far Away Places - Oscar Rabin & His Band/Bob Dale
9. The Old Music Master - Paul Adam & His Mayfair Music
10. I Don't Want Anybody At All - Carroll Gibbons & Orchestra/Edna Kaye
11. How Little We Know - Eric Winstone & His Band/Julie Dawn
12. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square - Geraldo & His Orchestra/Dorothy Carless
13. I'll Keep You In My Heart - Skyrockets Dance Orchestra
14. When It's Evening - Joe Loss & His Band
15. I'm Not In Love - Oscar Rabin & His Band/Bob Dale
16. I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes - Harry Roy
17. I'm Nobody's Baby - Nat Gonella & His New Georgians
18. The Little Old Mill - Geraldo
19. Smoke! Smoke! - Paul Adam & His Mayfair Music
20. Pennsylvania Polka - The Organ, The Dance Band And Me/Julie Dawn
21. Pony Express - Eric Winstone

I genuinely had no idea that when I started up this blog that British dance bands would prove so popular!! So, as a thank you to all those who offered encouraging messages, here's another posting bending my pre-war rule. It's all a bit too 'sweet' for my tastes, but check out the version of 'Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette' by Paul Adam, it's a winner!

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Johnny Claes and his Claepigeons (featuring Nat Gonella) - The Swinging 40's

01.Stompin' At The savoy
02.How Do I Know?
03.I Heard
04.Chattanooga Choo Choo
05.Do I Worry?
06.Watch The Birdie
07.Nobody Knows De Trouble I've Seen
08.Fascinating Rhythm
09.My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
10.The Whistlers Mother In Law
11.Playhouse Party
12.Oh Brother I'm In Love
13.The Boogie Woogie Piggy
14.The Man Who Comes Around
15.I Got Rhythm
16.It's A Pair Of Wings For Me
17.Yes, My Darling Daughter
18.Vox Poppin'
19.Hot Dogs
20.The Hut Sut Song

This album was made a bit later than my interest in British jazz goes to be honest (it dates from the early to mid 40's), and as a result, I know very little about 'Johnny Claes' other than from his work with Nat Gonella. There's all you need to know at this rather dandy little site HERE! (I also took the picture from here as I don't yet have the cover to post up).

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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies - Daddy Of Western Swing (Disc 1)

Disc 1 - Brownies Stomp

01.Oh You Pretty Woman
02.Garbage Man Blues
03.Joe Turner Blues [Instrumental]
04.Brownies Stomp [Instrumental]
05.Do the Hula Lou
06.My Precious Sonny Boy
07.Swinging on the Garden Gate
08.Four Five or Six Times
09.Get Along Cindy
10.Where Have You Been So Long Corrine
11. Girl of My Dreams
12. Talking About You
13. Loveland and You
14. Take It Slow and Easy
15. Sitting on Top of the World
16. This Morning This Evening So Soon
17. Trinity Waltz [Instrumental]
18. Loveless Life
19. Sweet Jennie Lee
20. Object of My Affection
21. I Love You
22. Pray for the Lights to Go Out
23. Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet
24. In el Rio Grande
25. Good Man Is Hard to Find
26. Down by the O-H-I-O

This is a great compilation of a rather under-rated figure who died far before his time. Still, he managed to leave behind a sizeable catalogue of hot western swing. Here's the first disc from the innovator of a strange, yet brilliant, blend of musical styles........

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Nat Gonella - The Jazz Side Of Nat

01.I Ain't Got Nobody - Stanley Black & his Modernists
02.Stormy Weather - with Garland Wilson (piano)
03.Nobody's Sweetheart - with Garland Wilson (piano)
04.You Rascal You - Roy Fox and his Band
05.How'm I Doin - Roy Fox and his Band
06.The Continental - Lew Stone and his Band
07.Troublesome Trumpet
08.Black Coffee
09.I Heard
10.That's My Home
11.E Flat Blues
12.Wabash Blues
13.Harlem Hokum Blues
14.Mama Don't Allow It
15.Get Hot
16.Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
17.Crazy Valves
18.Cocktail Swing
19.Bill Tell
20.Jeepers Creepers - American Allstars
21.Georgia On My Mind
22.For No Reason At All - Nat Gonella and his New Georgians
23.Seven Days Leave - Nat Gonella his New Georgians
24.Hot Malletts - Nat Gonella and his New Georgians

To be honest, the jazz side of Nat Gonella is the only side of Nat Gonella. He played jazz trumpet and sang jazz vocals in a jazz band! Strange album title aside, this is a nice overview of the man's career, from his work with the big bands to his later 'New Georgians' career in the 40's. There's some nice versions of tunes that don't appear too often on other releases (notably 'You Rascal You' & 'Mama Don't Allow It'), hence its inclusion in the ongoing Gonella-A-Go-Go that is this Blogspot!

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Washboard Rhythm - Decca AH55

01. Little Bits - Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards
02. Idle Hour Special - Jimmy Bertrand's washboard Wizards
03.47th Street Stomp - Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards
04.Cushion Foot Stomp - Clarence Williams' Washboard Band
05.P.D.Q. Blues - Clarence Williams' Washboard Band
06.I'm Goin' Huntin' - Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards
07.Forty And Tight - Beale Street Washboard Band
08.Piggly Wiggly - Beale Street Washboard Band
09.Pigmeat Stomp - Alabama Washboard Band
10.Wild Man Stomp - Chicago Stompers
11.Stomp Your Stuff - Chicago Stompers
12.Pepper Steak - Alabama Washboard Stompers

Released on Decca in 1963 on the 'Ace Of Hearts' label (AOH was for re-issuing American artists and the 'Ace Of Clubs' division was for British). It's a nice little compilation of early washboard hot jazz, featuring the familiar clickety-clack of Jimmy Bertrand's washboard. 'Johnny Dodds' features on clarinet on track 1 and 'Louis Armstrong' belts out his cornet on track 6. The Alabama Washboard Band are another incarnation of the 'Washboard Rhythm Kings' with all the maniacal kazoo solos you would expect!! Decca later issued a similar LP entitled 'Jugs & Washboards' (AH163) which featured the 'Georgia Washboard Stompers' on one side and the 'Alabama Jug Band' on the other. It's a better album, but both bands already have their complete output on this blogspot, so I opted for this...enjoy!

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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Ray Noble - The Hot Sides (1929-1934)

1.Copper Blues - (Intro: Dancing Shoes) -
2Terribly Fond of You - (Intro: Dance Away Your Blues)
3.So the Bluebirds and the Blackbirds Got Together
4.Baby, You've Got the Right Idea
5.In the Moonlight
7.Every Day Away From You
8.You've Got to Be Modernistic
9.Crazy Feet
10.I've Got a Feeling
11.Allah's Holiday
13.Just Imagine
14.Makin' Wickey - Wackey Down in Waikiki
15.Shout For Happiness
16.Twentieth Century Blues
17.Brighter Than the Sun
18.What a Perfect Combination
19.Stay on the Right Side of the Road
20.Tiger Rag
21.You Ought to See Sally on Sunday
22.Who Walks in When I Walk Out? (take 1)
23.Who Walks in When I Walk Out? (take 2)
24.All I Do Is Dream of You

It's a slow burner this cd, but well worth your patience. The majority of the tracks were recorded with Noble when he was the leader of the 'New Mayfair Dance Orchestra' . 'Allah's Holiday' and 'Whispering' were recorded by the 'Night Club Kings'. And from track 17 your in full throttle with 'Ray Noble and his Orchestra' kicking it out as hot as you like! 'Brighter Than The Sun' is an amazing tune with just about the hottest refrain 'Al Bowlly' put down! There's also 2 versions of 'Who Walks In When I walk Out' in which Bowlly kind half sings/half croaks his way through No idea why the tune was recorded this way- possibly Bowlly was suffering with his throat, as is well documented (He eventually underwent surgery to correct it in New York).

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Breaking Out Of New Orleans - 1922-1929 (Disc1)

01.Original Tuxedo Rag -
20.Franklin Street Blues - LOUIS DUMAINE'S JAZZOLA EIGHT

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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys - Ole Buttermilk Sky (1945-1947)

  • Nobody’s Darling But Mine
  • Grey Eagle
  • I’ll Get Mine
  • I’ll Keep On Loving You
  • My Brown Eyed Texas Rose
  • Moonlight On The Prairie
  • Patty On The Turnpike
  • Ole Buttermilk Sky
  • Smile, Darn You Smile
  • Hoppin’ Lucy aka Texas Two-Step
  • That’s How Much I Love You
  • Silver On The Sage Tonight
  • Who’s Sorry Now
  • Chicken Reel
  • Who’s Heart Are You Breaking Now
  • Don’t Fence Me In
  • I Don’t Know Why
  • On The Alamo
  • I’ll String Along With You
  • Roll On Little Dogies, Roll On
  • Sally Gooden No. 1
  • Silver Dew On The Bluegrass Tonight
  • Sleepy Rio Grande
  • Travelling Blues
  • Durang’s Hornpipe
Ahaaa! A man after my own heart.....with a razor! Ole Buttermilk Sky is made up of material recorded for the 'Tiffany' Company, but for some reason, never surfaced on the stunningly good 'Tiffany Transcriptions' series of cd's. The sound quality isn't as good as those, but it's still a hell of a lot better than the 'Presto' ones (which are dreadful!). The recording of 'Who's Sorry Now?' on here was the only time the Playboys put the tune to wax, it's a cracker too! There's also a nice version of 'Smile, Darn You Smile' worthy of your attention. Like Bob says in his introduction to 'Chicken Reel' (look out for the filthy manner in which he pronounces 'reel'!), 'move the bed back a little n' give pappy a chance, here comes one of them old buck n' wing types.....'

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Washboard Rhythm Kings Vol. 4 (1933)

01.Midnight Rhythm - Washboard Rhythm Band
02.Ghost Of a Chance - Washboard Rhythm Band
03.Hustlin' & Bustlin' For Baby - Washboard Rhythm Band
04.Shuffle Off To Buffalo - Washboard Rhythm Band
05.Swing Gate - Washboard Rhythm Band
06.Coming Of H-De-Ho - Washboard Rhythm Band
07.Going, Going, Gone - Washboard Rhythm Band
08.Trust Me for A Hamburger - Washboard Rhythm Band
09.Dinah - Washboard Rhythm Kings
10.Sophisticated Lady - Washboard Rhythm Kings
11.Happy As The Day Is Long - Washboard Rhythm Kings
12.Nobody's Sweetheart - Washboard Rhythm Kings
13.My Pretty Girl - Washboard Rhythm Kings
14.Bug-A-Boo - Washboard Rhythm Kings
15.I Want To Ring Bells - Williams' Washboard Band
16.I Would If I Could But I Can't - Williams' Washboard Band
17.Hard Corn - Williams' Washboard Band
18.Hot Nuts - Williams' Washboard Band
19.Move Turtle - Williams' Washboard Band
20.Mickey Mouse And Turtle - Williams' Washboard Band
21.I Would If I Could But I Can't - Williams' Washboard Band
22.Shoutin' In Amen Corner - Williams' Washboard Band

The Washboard Rhythm Band and the Washboard Rhythm Kings share much the same personnel, only the vocalists differ, with 'Taft Jordan' doing his upmost Louis Armstrong impression. There's a few extra performers with the 'Kings', with 'Dave Page' back on vocals, business as usual with a rather strange take on 'Nobody's Sweetheart', in which Page starts the song in the wrong perspective (I'm nobody's sweetheart now..?), realises the rest of the refrain will make no sense and scats his way to the end! Williams' Washboard Band on the other hand have only trombonist 'John Haughton' in their line-up from the other bands featured. It's a much more hokum based band with the kind of innuendo that never really stood the test of time!! Still, It's all good.

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Friday, 11 September 2009

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, This Is Roy Fox Speaking - Decca ACL1172

02.Minnie The Moocher (v.Bowlly)
03.Kickin' The Gong Around (v.Gonella)
04.Jig Time (v.Bowlly)
05.I Got Rhythm (v.Bowlly)
06.Nobody's Sweetheart (v.Bowlly)
07.Geogia On My Mind (v.Gonella)
08. "Yes Yes" (My Baby Said "Yes") (v.Bowlly)
09.Old Man Of The Mountain (v.Bowlly)
10.If I Didn't Have You (v.Bowlly)
11.How'm I Doin? (v.Gonella & his band)
12. She Didn't Say Yes (v.Bowlly)
13.You're My Everything (v.Bowlly)
14.Oh! Monah (v.Gonella)

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Roy Fox Speaking...in glorious mono! Another 'Ace Of Clubs' release from the 60's. This features Roy Fox's band at it's very finest, recorded between 1931 & 1932. At the time, the band featured vocal refrains from both Al Bowlly and Nat Gonella, mugging it up a treat with their own unique vocal stylings. The Lp features mostly the hot sides the band recorded, including what must surely be the first recordings Nat Gonella made of both 'Oh! Monah' & 'Georgia On My Mind' (he went on to re-record them again at least 4 or 5 times each!). There's a bizarrely literal take on 'Kickin' The Gong Around' and a barnstorming take on 'Nobody's Sweetheart' by Al Bowlly. Also, there's no Listing for the tenor banjo player on 'OH! Monah), it's quite possible this could be a rare outing for Al Bowlly's banjo wrangling!

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Nat Gonella And His Trumpet - Decca ACL 1241

01.Georgia On My Mind
02.Sweet Sue, Just You
03.Moon Country
04.Nobody's Sweetheart
05.Troublesome Trumpet
06.I Heard
07.That's My Home
08.When You're Smiling
09.Rockin' Chair
10.I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
11.Stormy Weather
12.I Can't Dance, I Got Ants In My Pants
14.Sing, It's Good For You

Released in the UK in 1964 on the Decca 'Ace Of Clubs' label. More Gonella, this time with all the lovely poppin' n' cracklin' that comes with these old LP's. The tracks range from 1932 to 1934, recorded with an impressive backing band, featuring a veritable who's who of British dance band players of the time (Tiny Winters, Monia Litter, Bill Harty etc), and features some pretty smart rhythm guitar from Al Bowlly no less!!

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String Ragtime -To Do This You Got To Know How

1. Sweet Georgia Brown - Jim & Bob (The Genial Hawaiians)
2. Somethin' Doin' - Nap Hayes & Matthew Prater
3. Arizona Stomp - East Texas Serenaders
4. Banjo Rag - Chauncey C. Lee
5. Spaghetti Rag - Robert Maxwell
6. Cotton Patch Rag - John Dilleshaw & the String Marvel
7. To Do This You Got To Know How - Lonnie Johnson
8. Mandolin Blues - Dave Apollon
9. Russian Rag - Dave Apollon
10. E Rag - Walker's Corbin Ramblers
11. Banjo Rag - Herald Goodman and his Tennessee Valley Boys
12. Persian Lamp Rag - Bob Roberts
13. State St. Rag - Louie Bluie & Ted Bogan
14. Dallas Rag - Dallas String Band

Dave Apollon steals this compilation by a mile with the two crazed Russian rags on here (his mandolin playing is so furious that probably even Django Reinhardt would be scratching his head in sheer bewilderment!), but it's all good! from good ole Jim & Bob (with some hot ukulele) to The Dallas String Band's quite well known 'Dallas Rag'. Good old fashioned rag-time virtuosity from back when they really knew how to play 'em.

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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Original Dance Music Of The 1920's/1930's

1.Remarkable Girl - Ted Weems Orchestra/Country Washburn
2.I Wanna Be Loved by You - Broadway Nitelites/Vaughn DeLeath
3.Don't Wake Me up Let Me Dream - Howard Lanin Orchestra
4.What Do I Care What Somebody Said - Jan Garber & His Orchestra
5.Miss Anabelle Lee - Mike Speciale Orchestra/Billy Carola
6.Happy Days Are Here Again - Ben Selvin Orchestra
7.There's Too Many Eyes - Ted Weems Orchestra/Art Jarrett
8.You're the One I Care For - Bert Lown & His Hotel Biltmore Orchestra/Elmer Feldkamp
9.I Found a Million Dollar Baby - Frank Auburn
10.On a Night Like This - Howard Lanin Orchestra
11.Shine - Jesse Stafford Orchestra
12.Broadway Melody - Ben Selvin Orchestra
13.Who's Your Little Who Zis - Ben Selvin Orchestra
14.Me and the Man in the Moon - Ambassadors/Frank Sylvano
15.You're the Cream in My Coffee - Ambassadors/Frank Sylvano
16.Leven Thirty Saturday Night - Ambrose & His Orchestra/Sam Browne
17.Who's Sorry Now - Green Brothers Novelty Orchestra
18.Girl of My Dreams - Blue Steele Orchestra/Kenny Sargent
19.When Eyes of Blue Are Foolin' You - Howard Lanin Orchestra
20.What a Day - Ted Weems Orchestra/Parker Gibbs
21.Somebody Loves Me - Henry Lange & His Baker Hotel Orchestra
22.She's Got It - Ted Weems Orchestra/Parker Gibbs
23.Rainy Weather Rose - Adrian Schubert & His Salon Orchestra/Irving Kaufman
24.Red Headed Baby - Gene Kardos Orchestra/Dick Robertson

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Ring, Ring De Banjo - Banjo Showpieces

01.Blaze Away - Raymonde and his Band of Banjoes
02.Minstral Medley - Raymonde and his Band of Banjoes
03.The Mosquito's Parade - Vess L. Ossman
04.Persiflage - Fred Van Eps
05.Queen Of The Burlesque - Olly Oakly
06.Heebie Jeebies - Harry Reser
07.Crackerjax - Harry Reser
08.Get Goin' - Peter Mandell
09.Keyboard Kapers - Mario De Pietro
10.Frivilous Joe - Mario De Pietro
11.Tune Tonic - Emile Grimshaw and his banjo Quartet
12.Swanny Sing Song - Emile Grimshaw and his banjo Quartet
13.Lollipops - Mike Ortuso
14.Teasin' The Frets - Mike Ortuso
15.The Blackthorns - George Morris
16.Take Your Pick - Joe Brannelly
17.Eccentric - Joe Brannelly
18.A Rag-Time Episode - Ernestine Jones
19.Rhapsody In Blue - Eddie Peabody
20.St. Louis Blues - Eddie Peabody
21.On A Southern Plantation - Ken Harvey
22.Melodies Of Yesterday - Ken Harvey
23.Vodka - Cardiff Banjo, Mandoline and Guitar Band
24.March Medley - Tarrant Bailey Junior
25.Snakes And Ladders - Tarrant Bailey junior
26.That Banjo Rag - The Banjo Kings

There's maybe a few too many minstrel-esque medly performances on this album, but that aside, what you are left with is some unbelievably strange and downright excting banjo wrangling. Eddie Peabody's take on 'St. Louis Blues' is quite the showstopper and how one guy can play 'rhapsody In Blue' on his banjo lonesome is anybodys guess! Harry Reser and Fred Van Eps jog in with some million fingered fret noodling, and from the Banjo Kings come what must be the finest four string ragging ever put to disc with 'That Banjo Rag'.

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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Jug & Washboard Bands - Vol.2 - (1928-1930)

01.Washboard Rag - Tub Jug Washboard Band
02.Lady Quit Her Husband Unexpectedly - Tub Jug Washbord Band
03.Tub-Jug Rag - Tub Jug Washbord Band
04.San - Tub Jug Washbord Band
05.Christ, The Teacher - Cyril String Orchestra Monrose
06.Solemn Warning - Rev. E.S. "Shy" Moore
07.How You Get That Way - Feathers and Frogs
08.Sweet Black Dog - Feathers and Frogs
09.Soldier Boy Blues - Phillips Louisville Jug Band
10.That's a Lovely Thing for You - Phillips Louisville Jug Band
11.Sing, You Sinners - Phillips Louisville Jug Band
12.Tiger Rag - Phillips Louisville Jug Band
13.Walkin' Cane Stomp - Phillips Louisville Jug Band
14.Hard Hustlin' Blues - Phillips Louisville Jug Band
15.Smackin' the Sax - Phillips Louisville Jug Band
16.That's Your Last - Phillips Louisville Jug Band

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Washboard Story (1926 - 1939)

01.Little Bits - Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards
02.Idle Hour Special
- Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards
03.47th Street Stomp - Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards
04.Cushion Foot Stomp - Clarence Williams Washboard Band
05.PDQ Blues
- Clarence Williams Washboard Band
I'm Goin' Hunting - Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards
Forty and Tight - Beale Street Washboard Band
08.Piggly Wiggly
- Beale Street Washboard Band
Pigmeat Stomp - Alabama Washboard Stompers
Wild Man Stomp - Chicago Stompers
11.Stomp Your Stuff
- Chicago Stompers
Pepper Steak - Alabama Washboard Stompers
Sloppy Drunk Blues - Washboard Rhythm Kings
- Washboard Rhythm Kings
Warehouse Blues - Washboard Sam and his Washboard Band
16.Booker T. Blues
- Washboard Sam and his Washboard Band
17.This Time Is My Time - Washboard Sam and his Washboard Band
18.Block and Tackle - Washboard Sam and his Washboard Band

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Stuff Smith and his Onyx Club Boys - Time And Again (1936-1940)

01.I'se a Muggin', Pts. 1 and 2
02.I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music
I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket
I Don't Want to Make History
T'Ain't No Use
After You've Gone
You'se a Viper
Robins and Roses
I've Got a Heavy Date
It Ain't Right
Old Joe's Hittin' the Jug
Serenade for a Wealthy Widow
Knock, Knock, Who's There?
Bye, Bye Baby
Here Comes the Man With the Jive
Twilight in Turkey
Where Is the Sun?
Onyx Club Spree
Onyx Club Stomp
Big Wig in the Wigwam
It's Up to You
I've Got You Under My Skin
Crescendo in Drums

A battered top hat, a stuffed parrot on his shoulder and such a violent attacking violin style you'd swear he's about to saw right through the damn thing at any moment. In his Onyx Club days he was never always pitch perfect, but to be fair, it only adds to the sheer godless thrill of it all! Stuff is one of those old jazz artists that always crops up on those jazz compilation made up entirely of drug songs. He did his fair share of dope tunes (and his fair share of dope by the sounds of it!), but seems to have mellowed out a touch too much by the end of the 30's and wandered in a cloudy haze into a solo career that never saw him swing like a freshly oiled gate again!!

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Washboard Rhythm Kings Vol. 5

01.Kazoo Moan - Washboard Serenaders
02.Washboards Get Together - Washboard Serenaders
03.Teddy's Blues - Washboard Serenaders
04.Tappin' the Time Away - Washboard Serenaders
05.The Sheik of Araby - Washboard Serenaders
06.Dear Old Southland - Washboard Serenaders
07.St. Louis Blues - Washboard Serenaders
08.Black Eyes - Washboard Serenaders
09.Lonesome Road - Washboard Serenaders
10.Nagasaki - Washboard Serenaders
11.Dinah - Washboard Serenaders
12.Yeah Man! - Scorpion Washboard Band
13.Miss Linda Brown, Pt. 1 - The Tramp Band
14.Miss Linda Brown, Pt. 2 - The Tramp Band
15.Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone - Washboard Rhythm Kings
16.One More Time - Washboard Rhythm Kings
17.Walkin' My Baby Back Home - Washboard Rhythm Kings
18.A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid - Washboard Rhythm Kings
19.Every Man for Himself - Washboard Rhythm Kings
20.Please Tell Me - Washboard Rhythm Kings
21.You Rascal You - Washboard Rhythm Kings
22.Call of the Freaks - Washboard Rhythm Kings
23.Wake 'Em Up - Washboard Rhythm Kings

Without doubt, the most under-rated jazz band of all time. There was this rather decent (if somewhat poorly designed) collection, a compilation (on the Best of Jazz label) and an entry on that massive 168 cd jazz boxset. And with the exception on the latter, it's all out of print!! So heres Vol. 5. (I'm working backwards so I could post the Vol. with the Washboard Serenaders first). There seems to be very little known about the band, considering it was so prolific. Their personel line up generally contains an awful lot of 'maybes'! I know for sure that the majority of the many varied name changes the band went under were merely studio bands only. But, the Washboard Serenaders are well documented to have been a touring band. It's hard to imagine what British audiences in particular made of this lot in the early 30's as they rampaged their way through an old jazz standard!

Theres some right belting footage that some kindly soul has added to Youtube of the serenaders in action. It boggles your mind that they were even more wild live than on record!! Heres the links..

Washboard Serenaders on Youtube
Washboard Serenaders on Youtube 2

And, here's the link for the cd

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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Alabama Jug Band (1934)

1.Ida, Sweet As Cider
2.My Gal Sal
3.Gulf Coast Blues
4.I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
5.Jazz It Blues
6.Somebody Stole My Gal
7.Crazy Blues
8.Sugar Blues

Clarence Williams recorded under many a variation of titles, The Alabama Jug Band being about the finest. It's curious to hear what must be one of the few usages of the old jug in a hot jazz set-up (The Five Harmaniacs being the only other one that springs to mind! Any more? I'd be keen to know!). A meagre 8 tracks, that's your lot it seems! Some fine wrangling can be heard from Roy Smeck on the guitar throughout!!

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