Thursday, 10 September 2009

Ring, Ring De Banjo - Banjo Showpieces

01.Blaze Away - Raymonde and his Band of Banjoes
02.Minstral Medley - Raymonde and his Band of Banjoes
03.The Mosquito's Parade - Vess L. Ossman
04.Persiflage - Fred Van Eps
05.Queen Of The Burlesque - Olly Oakly
06.Heebie Jeebies - Harry Reser
07.Crackerjax - Harry Reser
08.Get Goin' - Peter Mandell
09.Keyboard Kapers - Mario De Pietro
10.Frivilous Joe - Mario De Pietro
11.Tune Tonic - Emile Grimshaw and his banjo Quartet
12.Swanny Sing Song - Emile Grimshaw and his banjo Quartet
13.Lollipops - Mike Ortuso
14.Teasin' The Frets - Mike Ortuso
15.The Blackthorns - George Morris
16.Take Your Pick - Joe Brannelly
17.Eccentric - Joe Brannelly
18.A Rag-Time Episode - Ernestine Jones
19.Rhapsody In Blue - Eddie Peabody
20.St. Louis Blues - Eddie Peabody
21.On A Southern Plantation - Ken Harvey
22.Melodies Of Yesterday - Ken Harvey
23.Vodka - Cardiff Banjo, Mandoline and Guitar Band
24.March Medley - Tarrant Bailey Junior
25.Snakes And Ladders - Tarrant Bailey junior
26.That Banjo Rag - The Banjo Kings

There's maybe a few too many minstrel-esque medly performances on this album, but that aside, what you are left with is some unbelievably strange and downright excting banjo wrangling. Eddie Peabody's take on 'St. Louis Blues' is quite the showstopper and how one guy can play 'rhapsody In Blue' on his banjo lonesome is anybodys guess! Harry Reser and Fred Van Eps jog in with some million fingered fret noodling, and from the Banjo Kings come what must be the finest four string ragging ever put to disc with 'That Banjo Rag'.

Clickety Click!

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