Saturday, 12 September 2009

Washboard Rhythm Kings Vol. 4 (1933)

01.Midnight Rhythm - Washboard Rhythm Band
02.Ghost Of a Chance - Washboard Rhythm Band
03.Hustlin' & Bustlin' For Baby - Washboard Rhythm Band
04.Shuffle Off To Buffalo - Washboard Rhythm Band
05.Swing Gate - Washboard Rhythm Band
06.Coming Of H-De-Ho - Washboard Rhythm Band
07.Going, Going, Gone - Washboard Rhythm Band
08.Trust Me for A Hamburger - Washboard Rhythm Band
09.Dinah - Washboard Rhythm Kings
10.Sophisticated Lady - Washboard Rhythm Kings
11.Happy As The Day Is Long - Washboard Rhythm Kings
12.Nobody's Sweetheart - Washboard Rhythm Kings
13.My Pretty Girl - Washboard Rhythm Kings
14.Bug-A-Boo - Washboard Rhythm Kings
15.I Want To Ring Bells - Williams' Washboard Band
16.I Would If I Could But I Can't - Williams' Washboard Band
17.Hard Corn - Williams' Washboard Band
18.Hot Nuts - Williams' Washboard Band
19.Move Turtle - Williams' Washboard Band
20.Mickey Mouse And Turtle - Williams' Washboard Band
21.I Would If I Could But I Can't - Williams' Washboard Band
22.Shoutin' In Amen Corner - Williams' Washboard Band

The Washboard Rhythm Band and the Washboard Rhythm Kings share much the same personnel, only the vocalists differ, with 'Taft Jordan' doing his upmost Louis Armstrong impression. There's a few extra performers with the 'Kings', with 'Dave Page' back on vocals, business as usual with a rather strange take on 'Nobody's Sweetheart', in which Page starts the song in the wrong perspective (I'm nobody's sweetheart now..?), realises the rest of the refrain will make no sense and scats his way to the end! Williams' Washboard Band on the other hand have only trombonist 'John Haughton' in their line-up from the other bands featured. It's a much more hokum based band with the kind of innuendo that never really stood the test of time!! Still, It's all good.

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