Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Alabama Jug Band (1934)

1.Ida, Sweet As Cider
2.My Gal Sal
3.Gulf Coast Blues
4.I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
5.Jazz It Blues
6.Somebody Stole My Gal
7.Crazy Blues
8.Sugar Blues

Clarence Williams recorded under many a variation of titles, The Alabama Jug Band being about the finest. It's curious to hear what must be one of the few usages of the old jug in a hot jazz set-up (The Five Harmaniacs being the only other one that springs to mind! Any more? I'd be keen to know!). A meagre 8 tracks, that's your lot it seems! Some fine wrangling can be heard from Roy Smeck on the guitar throughout!!

Clickety Click!


  1. Sorry, mate, no Roy Smeck on these sides recorded September 5 & October 3, 1934. The personnel featured on the first 4 sides have Ed Allen(c), Cecil Scott (cl), Willie "The Lion" Smith (p), Ikey Robinson (bj,voc), poss. Ricard Fullbright (sb), Floyd Casey (wb) and Clarence Williams (jug, voc). - The October 3 session Cyrus St. Blair (bb) replaces sb, the vocals are credited to Ham and Cabbage Trio on track 5 (Clarence Williams, Ikey Robinson, Clarence Todd, the latter also provides the kazoo), remaining two tracks featuring vocal have only Clarence Williams.
    The Alabama Jug Band sides presented are the total output by this excellent Williams outfit.

  2. Thanks for these AJB sides ... Baron