Sunday, 20 September 2009

Ikey 'Banjo' Robinson 1929-1937

01.Got Butter On It Ready Hokum
02.Pizen Tea Blues
03.Rock Pile Blues
04.You've Had Your Way
05.Without A Dime
06.I'm Havin' My Fun (Take 1) - Hokum Trio
07.I'm Havin' My Fun (Take 3) - Hokum Trio
08.You've Had Your Way - Hokum Trio
09.He Wouldn't Stop Doing It (Take 1) - Hokum Trio
10.He Wouldn't Stop Doing It (Take 2) - Hokum Trio
11.You're Bound To Look Like A Monkey When You Get Old - Hokum Trio
12.You've Had Your Way - The Pods Of Pepper
14.13.Get Off Stuff - The Pods Of Pepper
15.Gee I Hate To Loose That Girl - The Pods Of Pepper
16.I Was A Good Loser Until I Lost You - The Pods Of Pepper
19.A Minor Stomp
20.Swing It
21.Say Pretty Mama - Sloke & Ike
22.Slocum Blues - Sloke & Ike
23.Raggedy But Right - Sloke & Ike
24.Chocolate Candy Blues - Sloke & Ike

There's a wide range of styles on this cd. From straight hot jazz to absolutely screaming mad kazoo tunes!! There's three versions of 'you've Had Your Way' on here, each completely different from one another, other than the remarkable lead tenor banjo of Banjo Robinson.

Clickety click!


  1. Excellent music! He could be the Eddie Lang of the banjo (or is Eddie the Ikey of the guitar?).

  2. Eddie Lang is the Joe Venuti of the guitar, who is the Django Reinhardt of the fiddle, who in turn is the stephane grapelli of the guitar who also happens to be the Ikey Robinson of the Fiddle!! there, I do believe that's Settled!!



  3. Many thanks for this, Guv! :o)