Sunday, 13 September 2009

Ray Noble - The Hot Sides (1929-1934)

1.Copper Blues - (Intro: Dancing Shoes) -
2Terribly Fond of You - (Intro: Dance Away Your Blues)
3.So the Bluebirds and the Blackbirds Got Together
4.Baby, You've Got the Right Idea
5.In the Moonlight
7.Every Day Away From You
8.You've Got to Be Modernistic
9.Crazy Feet
10.I've Got a Feeling
11.Allah's Holiday
13.Just Imagine
14.Makin' Wickey - Wackey Down in Waikiki
15.Shout For Happiness
16.Twentieth Century Blues
17.Brighter Than the Sun
18.What a Perfect Combination
19.Stay on the Right Side of the Road
20.Tiger Rag
21.You Ought to See Sally on Sunday
22.Who Walks in When I Walk Out? (take 1)
23.Who Walks in When I Walk Out? (take 2)
24.All I Do Is Dream of You

It's a slow burner this cd, but well worth your patience. The majority of the tracks were recorded with Noble when he was the leader of the 'New Mayfair Dance Orchestra' . 'Allah's Holiday' and 'Whispering' were recorded by the 'Night Club Kings'. And from track 17 your in full throttle with 'Ray Noble and his Orchestra' kicking it out as hot as you like! 'Brighter Than The Sun' is an amazing tune with just about the hottest refrain 'Al Bowlly' put down! There's also 2 versions of 'Who Walks In When I walk Out' in which Bowlly kind half sings/half croaks his way through No idea why the tune was recorded this way- possibly Bowlly was suffering with his throat, as is well documented (He eventually underwent surgery to correct it in New York).

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  1. Many thanks, Ray Noble AHO is one of my favourites :-)

  2. then you are in luck mr. reci, theres at least another 6 ray noble album to come in the near future!!

  3. Dear Mr. Antwacky,
    May I compliment you on your excellent taste and superb bit rate. I am in Mayfair heaven.
    Avid Follower

  4. Here is a very good version of who walks in when I walk out, in my opinion the hottest noble/bowlly track.

    enjoy it, sounds much better than an the cd!