Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Dance Bands Of The Forties - Disc 1

Disc 1

1. I'm in the Mood For Love - Ivy Benson & Her Band
2. Our Love Affair - Geraldo & His Orchestra
3. There Must Be a Way - Betty Kent with Teddy Foster & His Band
4. Stage Coach - Eric Winstone & His Band
5. Juanita - Nat Gonella & His New Georgians
6. Madelaine - Harry Roy & His Band/Marjorie Kingsley
7. No Orchids For My Lady - Joe Loss
8. Far Away Places - Oscar Rabin & His Band/Bob Dale
9. The Old Music Master - Paul Adam & His Mayfair Music
10. I Don't Want Anybody At All - Carroll Gibbons & Orchestra/Edna Kaye
11. How Little We Know - Eric Winstone & His Band/Julie Dawn
12. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square - Geraldo & His Orchestra/Dorothy Carless
13. I'll Keep You In My Heart - Skyrockets Dance Orchestra
14. When It's Evening - Joe Loss & His Band
15. I'm Not In Love - Oscar Rabin & His Band/Bob Dale
16. I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes - Harry Roy
17. I'm Nobody's Baby - Nat Gonella & His New Georgians
18. The Little Old Mill - Geraldo
19. Smoke! Smoke! - Paul Adam & His Mayfair Music
20. Pennsylvania Polka - The Organ, The Dance Band And Me/Julie Dawn
21. Pony Express - Eric Winstone

I genuinely had no idea that when I started up this blog that British dance bands would prove so popular!! So, as a thank you to all those who offered encouraging messages, here's another posting bending my pre-war rule. It's all a bit too 'sweet' for my tastes, but check out the version of 'Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette' by Paul Adam, it's a winner!

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  1. Youv'e outdone yourself again ! These two last ones are great additions. I haven't come across much by Johnny Claes, and obly have a few odd tracks. Also not a lot of Paul Adam around as far as I know.

    Best regards