Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Bert Firman and his Orchestra - Swing High, Swing Low (1926-1937)

01.Jig Walk
02.Oo La
03.Charkeston Charley
06.While The Sahara Sleeps
07.Spanish Shawl
08.Shepard Of The Hills
09.That Certain Feeling
10.Oh! Monah
11.The Stampede
12.Short n' Sweet
13.Does She Love Me Positively, Absolutely
14.I Can't Give You Anything But Love
15.Sax Appeal
16.Medley- (a)She Didn't Say 'Yes' (b)A New Love Is Old
17.Sugar Foot Stomp
18.My Pet
19.Rhapsody In Blue
20.Swing High, Swing Low

Ahh, good old fashioned British charlston music in the mould of the 'Goofus Five' that pre-dates the British Swing movement. There's a couple of tracks missing from the cd. But, what you want fer nuthin?....rubber biscuit???

Clickety Click!

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