Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bob Will and the Texas Play Boys - Radio Days

1.Opening Theme
2.Narration Spoken Interlude
3.Lonestar Rag
4.Narration Spoken Interlude
5.A Good Man Is Hard To Find
6.La Golondrina
7.Narration Spoken Interlude
8.My Confession
10.Narration Spoken Interlude
11.Empty Chair At The Table
12.Narration Spoken Interlude
13.I'm Takin' About you
14.Narration Spoken Interlude
16.Narration Spoken Interlude
17.I Knew The Moment I Lost You
18.Narration Spoken Interlude
19.My Life's Been A Pleasure
20.Narration Spoken Interlude
21.Wednesday Night Waltz
22.Narration Spoken Interlude
23.I Got You On My Mind
24.Narration Spoken Interlude
25.Stay All Night
26.Narration Spoken Interlude
27.Tuxedo Junction
28. Take Me Back To Tulsa
29.Closing Theme

AHHHH HAAAA!! Yowza Yowza it's that fiddlin' man his very self! Some say Bob Wills isn't jazz and he doesn't even warrant a mention in those big jazz encyclopedias!! I Know, I've looked!! Either way, the KING OF WESTERN SWING was a force to be reckoned with n' could outswing most anybody. This CD in particular doesn't seem to be available anyplace...so here it is. Recorded sometime in the mid to late 40's??!!? Capturing Bob and his boys strutting their stuff live on the old radiogram!!

Clickety Click!

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