Thursday, 10 September 2009

Original Dance Music Of The 1920's/1930's

1.Remarkable Girl - Ted Weems Orchestra/Country Washburn
2.I Wanna Be Loved by You - Broadway Nitelites/Vaughn DeLeath
3.Don't Wake Me up Let Me Dream - Howard Lanin Orchestra
4.What Do I Care What Somebody Said - Jan Garber & His Orchestra
5.Miss Anabelle Lee - Mike Speciale Orchestra/Billy Carola
6.Happy Days Are Here Again - Ben Selvin Orchestra
7.There's Too Many Eyes - Ted Weems Orchestra/Art Jarrett
8.You're the One I Care For - Bert Lown & His Hotel Biltmore Orchestra/Elmer Feldkamp
9.I Found a Million Dollar Baby - Frank Auburn
10.On a Night Like This - Howard Lanin Orchestra
11.Shine - Jesse Stafford Orchestra
12.Broadway Melody - Ben Selvin Orchestra
13.Who's Your Little Who Zis - Ben Selvin Orchestra
14.Me and the Man in the Moon - Ambassadors/Frank Sylvano
15.You're the Cream in My Coffee - Ambassadors/Frank Sylvano
16.Leven Thirty Saturday Night - Ambrose & His Orchestra/Sam Browne
17.Who's Sorry Now - Green Brothers Novelty Orchestra
18.Girl of My Dreams - Blue Steele Orchestra/Kenny Sargent
19.When Eyes of Blue Are Foolin' You - Howard Lanin Orchestra
20.What a Day - Ted Weems Orchestra/Parker Gibbs
21.Somebody Loves Me - Henry Lange & His Baker Hotel Orchestra
22.She's Got It - Ted Weems Orchestra/Parker Gibbs
23.Rainy Weather Rose - Adrian Schubert & His Salon Orchestra/Irving Kaufman
24.Red Headed Baby - Gene Kardos Orchestra/Dick Robertson

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