Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Nat Gonella and his Georgians (1934-1936)

1.Troublesome Trumpet (Soundtrack)
2.Tiger Rag (Soundtrack)
3.I'm Gonna Wash My Hands of You (Soundtrack)
4.Some Of These Days
5.Whoa Babe
6.Chinese Laundry Blues
8.St. louis Blues
9.I Can't Dance (I Got Ants In My Pants)
10.Swingin' The Jynx Away
11.Black Coffee
12.Farewell Blues

Nat Gonella is generally regarded as a mere foot note in the story of Al Bowlly and Lew Stone by most followers of pre-war dance bands. Here's a post of 12 tracks to re-address the balance somewhat. Nat was a trumpet blower in the mould of his idol Louis Armstrong, n' boy could he belt out a tune, in his own inimitable wheezy, lisping manner . The first 3 tracks are from an old soundie featuring Nat and his Georgians and gives some idea of how raucous n' rowdy they must have sounded live, a world away from the sweet styling of his peers! About as good as British jazz got n' no mistake!!

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  1. I'd never heard Nat Gonella until I discovered your blog (via Wrath of the Grapevine) a half an hour ago. Based on the other wonderful stuff you have posted here, I thought I'd better give Nat a spin.

    Gonella has a new fan! Thanks!