Monday, 21 September 2009

Washboard Rhythm Kings Vol. 3 (1932-1933)

01.Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia - The Rhythm Kings
02.It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) - The Rhythm Kings
03.(I Would Do) Anything for You - The Rhythm Kings
04.Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn - The Rhythm Kings
05.Spider Crawl - The Rhythm Kings
06.The Scat Song - The Rhythm Kings
07.Oh! You Sweet Thing - The Rhythm Kings
08.Something's Gotta Be Done - The Rhythm Kings
09.Yes Suh! - The Rhythm Kings
10.Angeline - The Rhythm Kings
11.Old Yazoo - The Rhythm Kings
12.Gotta Be, Gotta Be Mine - The Rhythm Kings
13.Wah-Dee-Dah - The Rhythm Kings
14.Blue Drag - The Rhythm Kings
15.Syncopate Your Sins Away - The Rhythm Kings
16.I'm Getting Sentimental over You - The Rhythm Kings
17.St. Louis Blues - Washboard Rhythm Boys
18.Lazy Bones - Washboard Rhythm Boys
19.Some Of Theses Days - Washboard Rhythm Boys
20.Learn To Croon - Washboard Rhythm Boys
21.Dog And Cat - Washboard Rhythm Boys
22.I Cover The Water Front - Washboard Rhythm Boys
23.Old Man Blues - Washboard Rhythm Boys
24.Mississippi Basin - Washboard Rhythm Boys

Another 3 confusing (possibly this guy, maybe that fella!) line-ups from those Washboard Rhythm Kings. None of which were released it seems under the W.R.K. banner!! The first 6 tracks are from a session from October 1932 and another from December 1932 from the 'Rhythm Boys' (7 through 16). Tracks 18 to 24 were recorded in August 1934 under the title Washboard Rhythm Boys. The bass player on all three sessions was George 'ghost' Howell, which seems ironic, seeing as he's about the only soul on the cd that's a known for sure to have actually been there! Regardless of who may or may have not been present, what is for definite is that the tracks recorded were incredible. The versions of 'St. Louis Blues' and 'Some Of These Days' sound almost incendiary, and the old western swing standard 'Yes Suh!' has some absolutely relentless washboard playing. Also, check out 'Blue Drag' as a fine example of the W.R.K. dropping down a gear and knocking out some right smooth melancholic jazz mastery!

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