Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Nat Gonella - The Jazz Side Of Nat

01.I Ain't Got Nobody - Stanley Black & his Modernists
02.Stormy Weather - with Garland Wilson (piano)
03.Nobody's Sweetheart - with Garland Wilson (piano)
04.You Rascal You - Roy Fox and his Band
05.How'm I Doin - Roy Fox and his Band
06.The Continental - Lew Stone and his Band
07.Troublesome Trumpet
08.Black Coffee
09.I Heard
10.That's My Home
11.E Flat Blues
12.Wabash Blues
13.Harlem Hokum Blues
14.Mama Don't Allow It
15.Get Hot
16.Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
17.Crazy Valves
18.Cocktail Swing
19.Bill Tell
20.Jeepers Creepers - American Allstars
21.Georgia On My Mind
22.For No Reason At All - Nat Gonella and his New Georgians
23.Seven Days Leave - Nat Gonella his New Georgians
24.Hot Malletts - Nat Gonella and his New Georgians

To be honest, the jazz side of Nat Gonella is the only side of Nat Gonella. He played jazz trumpet and sang jazz vocals in a jazz band! Strange album title aside, this is a nice overview of the man's career, from his work with the big bands to his later 'New Georgians' career in the 40's. There's some nice versions of tunes that don't appear too often on other releases (notably 'You Rascal You' & 'Mama Don't Allow It'), hence its inclusion in the ongoing Gonella-A-Go-Go that is this Blogspot!

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  1. A great set, thanks, and so was the Ray Noble. You're doing a great job for us British Dance/Jazz enthusiasts. Keep it up please !!


  2. Thank you kindly sir! There's a lot more Blritish jazz in my collection, and when that dries up,a friend of mine has a much bigger british jazz selection for me to mine for gold!