Friday, 11 September 2009

String Ragtime -To Do This You Got To Know How

1. Sweet Georgia Brown - Jim & Bob (The Genial Hawaiians)
2. Somethin' Doin' - Nap Hayes & Matthew Prater
3. Arizona Stomp - East Texas Serenaders
4. Banjo Rag - Chauncey C. Lee
5. Spaghetti Rag - Robert Maxwell
6. Cotton Patch Rag - John Dilleshaw & the String Marvel
7. To Do This You Got To Know How - Lonnie Johnson
8. Mandolin Blues - Dave Apollon
9. Russian Rag - Dave Apollon
10. E Rag - Walker's Corbin Ramblers
11. Banjo Rag - Herald Goodman and his Tennessee Valley Boys
12. Persian Lamp Rag - Bob Roberts
13. State St. Rag - Louie Bluie & Ted Bogan
14. Dallas Rag - Dallas String Band

Dave Apollon steals this compilation by a mile with the two crazed Russian rags on here (his mandolin playing is so furious that probably even Django Reinhardt would be scratching his head in sheer bewilderment!), but it's all good! from good ole Jim & Bob (with some hot ukulele) to The Dallas String Band's quite well known 'Dallas Rag'. Good old fashioned rag-time virtuosity from back when they really knew how to play 'em.

Clickety Click!

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