Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Memphis Shakedown - More Jug Band Classics (Disc C.)

01.Ticket Agent Blues - Noah Lewis's Jug Band
02.New Minglewood Blues - Noah Lewis's Jug Band
03.Selling the Jelly - Noah Lewis's Jug Band
04.Bad Luck's My Buddy - Noah Lewis's Jug Band
05.Chickasaw Special - Noah Lewis
06.Devil in the Woodpile - Noah Lewis
07.Like I Want to Be - Noah Lewis
08.How Long How Long Blues - Jed Davenport
09.Cow Cow Blues - Jed Davenport
10.Beale Street Breakdown - Jed Davenport
11.You Ought to Move Out of Town - Jed Davenport
12.Dirty Dozen, The - Jed Davenport
13.Jug Blues - Jed Davenport
14.Save Me Some - Jed Davenport
15.Piccolo Blues - Jed Davenport
16.I'm Sittin' on Top of the World - Beale Street Rounders
17.Talkin' 'Bout Yo-Yo - Beale Street Rounders
18.Bumble Bee Blues - Memphis Minnie
19.Meningitis Blues - Memphis Minnie
20.Don't You Want to Know - The Delta Boys
21.You Shouldn't Do That - The Delta Boys
22.When the Saints Go Marching In - The Delta Boys
23.Black Gal Swing - The Delta Boys
24.Get up and Go - The Delta Boys
25.Every Time My Heart Beats - The Delta Boys

Check out the six tracks by the Delta Boys on this volume of Memphis Shakedown. There's no jug bellowing in there, but what they left behind in their short run is catchy as hell hokum recorded quite late in the day (1940 would you believe??) for the whole jug n' hokum era!

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